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Kids Account Promotion

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April is Youth Month!

Open your child a savings account at MCECU during the month of April and receive a cool bank and water bottle*. And, if you open their new account with a $5 deposit, we will deposit $25** too! Call 901-321-1200 for details.

Financial education is crucial, and we want to help you teach your children about the importance of being responsible with money and saving for the future.

The first step to teaching your kids about money is talking about it. The most effective way to teach is to have frequent discussions rather than lecturing. Look for teachable moments and always be willing to answer questions. Sometimes, parents don't want their children to worry about financial matters or think they are too young to understand, but that is not the case. So, how do you start the talk?

Ask questions.
If you’re going out to eat, discuss the price difference between the options and ask which they would choose. If they select the more expensive option, discuss what you might have to give up later in the week.

Make them part of your budgeting plan.
If you’re doing any financial planning for the year, solicit input from your kids. Enlist them in your saving goals—no one watches you more closely than your kids, so they’re natural accountability partners!

Open a youth savings account.
This is the best way to help them to learn to save for what they find meaningful in life. A lifetime of good savings habits can start now! We have savings and checking account options for both kids and teens.

Joint Ownership is required for parents or grandparents (Joint owner must be an MCECU member. A copy of the child’s social security card is required to open.) *In order to receive free bank and water bottle, account must be opened at a branch.
**$25 offer is for new children’s accounts ages 17 and under.
Offer ends April 30, 2024
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