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Google Pay

Pay confidently on the go with Google Pay.

Using your MCECU card is easier than ever.

The things you love about your MCECU Mastercard debit or credit card are right on your Android phone with Google Pay (formerly Android Pay). Getting started is simple:

  1. Download The Google Pay App.
  2. Add your MCECU card — it’s as simple as snapping a photo.
  3. Pay confidently at over a million locations in the U.S.

Enjoy the confidence of paying with your Android phone using your MCECU Mastercard debit or credit card and Google Pay.


Q. What is Google Pay?

A. Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) enables you to use your MCECU credit or debit card to pay for purchases using your Android mobile phone by holding the device near a contactless reader at participating merchants.

Q. Where can I make purchases with Google Pay? 

A. You can make purchases at stores that accept NFC (or tap-to-pay) payments, as well as select Android apps. View A Current List of stores accepting NFC payments.

Q. On which devices is Google Pay available?

A. Android devices running Kit Kat (4.0) and above.

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Own a Samsung?

Samsung Pay offers contactless and secure payment options too!
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Apple Pay

Apple Pay changes how you pay with breakthrough contactless payment technology and unique security features!
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