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Personal Loans

We realize that sometimes you made need to borrow money for personal reasons. For this reason, Memphis City Employees Credit Union has unsecured loans, also known as Signature loans. MCECU Signature loans can cover a broad range of needs, from debt consolidation to medical needs to any other reason you may need. Convenient terms and debt protection options available.

Current DRIVER'S LICENSE / IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED for application process. 

Click here to apply for a signature loan.

*You must be at least 18 years of age or older to apply for a loan.

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Special Vacation Loan  

$500 or $1,000 options. No credit check for approval if applicant meets all minimum requirements as set forth by MCECU.
Restrictions apply. For more information or to apply by phone, call 901-321-1200. 
Offer ends JUNE 30, 2023. 
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Open The Door To Your Dream Home

CONTACT US today to learn more about purchasing or refinancing a home.                        NMLS# 712315
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