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Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2021
NSF Fee 
Returned Item
Stop Payment
ACH Overdraft
Overdraft Privilege / Courtesy Pay $25.00
Card Replacement
Card Replacement Rush
Debit Card Over Draft
Returned Mail
Loan Late Fee  $20.00
Wire Transfer  $20.00
Escheat  $20.00
Official Check  $1.00
Non-Member Check Cashed  $5.00
Business-Non Member Check Cashed  $20.00
Christmas Club Withdrawal  $1.00
Statement Fee   $1.00
Print Out Fee  $1.00
Research Fee (per hour)  $20.00
Check Image Fee  $2.00
Returned Loan Payment Fee  $25.00
Rush Bill Pay (next day) Check  $14.95
Rush Bill Pay (2 day) Check  $9.95
Rush Bill Pay (2 day) Electronic  $4.95
Dormant Account  $5.00
Early (excessive after 3 per year) IRA Withdrawal  $10.00
Mastercard Late Fee $20.00
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