Fee Schedule

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Fee Schedule

Effective October 1, 2014

All rates are subject to change without notice.

Returned Item
Stop Payment
ACH Overdraft
Card Replacement
Card Replacement Rush
Debit Card Over Draft
Returned Mail
Loan Late Fee  $20.00
Visa Late Fee
Wire Transfer  $20.00
 Escheat  $20.00
 Official Check  $1.00
 Non-Member Check Cashed  $5.00
 Business-Non Member Check Cashed  $20.00
 Christmas Club Withdrawal  $1.00
Statement Fee   $1.00
 Print Out Fee  $1.00
 Research Fee (per hour)  $20.00
 Check Image Fee  $2.00
 Returned Loan Payment Fee  $20.00
 Rush Bill Pay (next day) Check  $14.95
 Rush Bill Pay (2 day) Check  $9.95
Rush Bill Pay (2 day) Electronic  $4.95
 Dormant Account  $5.00
 Early (excessive after 3 per year) IRA Withdrawal  $10.00

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