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There are currently no auctions scheduled for this time.


Financing is available for qualified members. If financing “You must be pre-approved for a dollar amount that you think you need to bid on the vehicle or recreational vehicle(s).”  Vehicle or recreational vehicle(s) may be inspected before the auction date.

We accept sealed bids. If you are a member, your bid amount must be placed on hold at the Credit Union until the auction commences. For non-members with sealed bids, you must include a cashier’s check along with your bid. If you do not have winning bid, funds will be released at that time.


WE ONLY ACCEPT Cash OR Cashier Checks

Payment must be made at conclusion of auction

This is a legal contract between the buyer and the seller,

Memphis City Employees Credit Union


ALL SALES are FINAL. Vehicles are sold as is. THERE ARE NO warranties WHATSOEVER, EITHER EXPRESSED or IMPLIED!!!  By bidding on MCECU’s repossessed vehicles, you agree not to re-market purchased vehicles within 1,000 feet of MCECU’s property.

The Memphis City Employees Credit Union’s representative will start the auction on the date and time set out above. Because the auction is a public auction, The Credit Union has the right to place bids for the purchase of any vehicle being sold. The Credit Union also has a right to reject any and all bids.

This vehicle or recreational vehicle may be redeemed by the owner prior to the date and time set before the auction start. Any questions concerning this sale may be directed to the Debt Solutions Dept. by calling 1-901-321-1250.

NOTE: There will be a $100 cancellation fee due immediately if you win the bid on a vehicle and back-out from the deal.

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